Let There Be Light
“What a powerful movie! An emotional roller coaster ride with one of the most compelling presentations of the Gospel that I have seen on film. Definitely a must-see.”
Reverend Franklin Graham
“Darkness hides deep wounds that the Light could heal. Let There Be Light is a must see.”
– Stephan Schultze, Director of Cinematic Arts, Liberty University
“This story has so many twists and turns, it’s a roller-coaster! Joyful, tearful, but ultimately, hopeful… Let there be light, indeed!”
Sean Hannity
“What an incredible message! This movie figuratively and literally shines a light on Jesus Christ.”
– Missy Robertson, Duck Dynasty
“In a world where so many people are suffering, movies like this are the encouragement that we all need to face difficult times with strength, offering forgiveness and hope when it’s needed most.”
– Jerry Falwell Jr.
“An emotionally powerful, insightful, inspiring drama.”
Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide
“No wonder everyone is talking about Let There Be Light. I loved it! Touching and engaging from beginning to end. This movie is a giant step forward for the faith-based genre.”
Governor Mike Huckabee
“Let There Be Light is a story of joy and grief and growing confidence in things unseen. I highly recommend it!”
Pastor Ken Foreman
Senior Pastor, Cathedral of Faith
“The movie was fantastic! It was funny, powerful and touched on the “big questions” of life in a wonderful and emotional way.”
-Barry Stagner, Pastor at Calvary Chapel Tustin
“Let There Be Light is an inspirational journey of faith that will encourage you in your own path. It’s a must see for the believer and the believer’s friends.”
– Jim Knaggs, Commissioner, Salvation Army
“LET THERE BE LIGHT is a powerful film that offers hope and inspiration at a time when hope and inspiration are needed most. The story line is compelling and the message direct – a truly unique faith-based film that is a must-see for everyone.”
– Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ)
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