Let There Be Light - Donielle Artese

Donielle just completed Garry Marshall’s new film, Mother’s Day working w/Kate Hudson, Margo Martindale, Sarah Chalke, and Robert Pine. Donielle was also the first major African American, recurring character, on AMC’s Award Winning, Mad Men. She played, Sheila White, the love interest of Paul Kinsey, played by Michael Gladis. She has also worked along side Adam Sandler in, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. Donielle has also booked four national commercials this year- Wendy’s, Bud Light, Skinny Cow Coffee, and Verizon.


Not only is Donielle a talented actress, she is also a very accomplished professional dancer and choreographer. She has danced with musical greats such as: Madonna, Cher, and even Michael Jackson. She has done over 100 music videos, and performed on  every major award show, including the Academy awards. In 2011, Donielle ended her professional dance career with a bang by choreographing Prince’s worldwide Coming To America tour. It’s no surprise that one of Donielle’s goals is to be a contestant on, and win ABC’s Dancing With The Stars!


As a former student and teacher with Lesly Kahn’s studio, Donielle was known as the girl with the beauty of Gabrielle Union, but with the essence of Drew Barrymore.

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