PTC Seal of Approval

Release Date: October 27, 2017
MPAA rating:
PG-13 for some thematic material including alcohol and drug issues
Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo, Daniel Roebuck, Travis Tritt, Dionne Warwick
Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating:
Sex – None    Violence – Brief car accident    Language – “bloody,” “hell-bent”

Dr. Sol Harkens is an unhappy man. Driven by bitterness and rage at God by the death of his son David from cancer, Sol has become an outspoken atheist author and lecturer; but despite the wealth, fame, and widespread media popularity his hedonistic, anti-God diatribes have brought him, Sol remains bitter, losing himself in alcohol and driving a wedge between himself and his surviving sons and ex-wife. But when a drunk driving accident renders Sol clinically dead for four minutes, he sees David, who speaks one cryptic phrase: “Let There Be Light.” Sol struggles to find his way back to faith from his previous atheism, and begins rebuilding his relationship with his family – until tragedy strikes again…

While the Motion Picture Association of America has given the film a PG-13 rating, there is no negative content to concern parents in Let There Be Light. Sol is shown frequently drinking to excess, even while driving, but the consequences of this act are clear when he has an accident as a result. Sol’s British agent frequently uses the British swear word “bloody,” and at one point says Sol is “hell-bent” on his own destruction.

Let There Be Light is a powerful, compelling film, which unflinchingly tackles contemporary issues and personal tragedies alike, showing the power of faith in transforming both individual lives, and the whole world. A realistic drama uncompromising in its Christian values, this film brings a perspective little seen in modern-day Hollywood to viewers hungry for both compelling storytelling and a message about deeper truth. For its dramatic quality and the power of its positive message – and as a film that is free of graphic sex, violence and profanity – the Parents Television Council is proud to award Let There Be Light with the PTC Seal of Approval®.