Sean Hannity, Kevin Sorbo Team up for Let There Be Light Movie – in Theaters October 27

Hitting theaters October 27 is a highly anticipated, faith-based film from Executive Producer Sean Hannity (Hannity) and Director Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, God’s Not Dead), who also stars in the leading role.

Let There Be Light tells the story of Dr. Sol Harkens, who has dedicated his life to the cause of atheism after losing his young son to cancer. Though Harkens has gained success as a best-selling author and celebrity debater, he is empty and distraught on the inside, and his increasing reliance on alcohol to numb the pain is only making things worse. Furthermore, his New York party lifestyle has isolated him from his ex-wife and their two remaining sons.

But after a near-death experience, Harkens’ outlook on life begins to change as he struggles to find meaning and purpose in the words “let there be light.”

“This tells the story of a man in crisis,” said Sam Sorbo, Kevin Sorbo’s wife, who co-wrote the film’s script and also stars in the movie.

“He’s got a horrible relationship with his Father in Heaven. He is a horrible father on earth. He has two sons. And he’s struggling with that relationship. He’s struggling to be the provider for the family he abandoned,” she said during a recent broadcast of Family Research Council’s Washington Watch radio program guest-hosted by NRB President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson. “It tells a very current male story that’s happening today all over the place.”

According to Sorbo, the overarching message of the movie is that there is always forgiveness and grace. The movie also illustrates how the world today is being overrun by darkness.

“There’s such animosity – even here in the United States but also around the world,” she noted. “There’s a darkness that seems to be descending.”

Sorbo pointed out that the only way to dispel darkness is with light, which is why the movie is currently promoting a “Share the Light” story contest in which people can submit a true story of 150 words or less about a good deed or thoughtful act that someone has done.

The winner of the contest will receive two registrations to the upcoming Values Voter Summit (October 13-15), where the movie will be screened; two back-stage passes to meet the Sorbos before the screening; two tickets to the Faith, Family & Freedom Gala; hotel rooms for two during the Values Voter Summit; and $500 in spending money.

The deadline for the contest is Sunday, October 1. The winner and three runner-ups will be announced on Tuesday, October 3.

“Jesus taught in parables. There’s a reason that He used storytelling to get His message across,” Sorbo said. “Perhaps the Church has maybe forgotten or got distracted from this idea of storytelling being the most powerful way of getting a message through.”

Let There Be Light was screened earlier this year at Proclaim 17, the NRB International Christian Media Convention in Orlando, Florida, where Hannity and the Sorbos were featured as speakers.

During his session, Hannity said Christians “need to become the media, and they need to build a new Hollywood that caters to the values of the American people [and] that will inform, enlighten, and entertain us.”

In a later session, Kevin Sorbo said, “It’s up to [Christians] to really help support these movies because it is called ‘show business’ after all, and if they stop making money they’re going to stop making the movies.”

In line with those sentiments, Johnson said during the recent broadcast, “It’s so exciting when Christians and conservatives say, ‘Let’s make a film that’s uplifting – that’s about the good, the true, and the beautiful.’”

“We need to get out and see good films, faith films, Christian films, conservative films,” he added. “ I think that’s very important for us to go.”

To view the trailer for Let There Be Light, visit

“If you go to the website,, and look at the testimonials and look at the trailer, you’ll be convinced that this is a movie you’ll want to see,” Sorbo said.

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Written by NRB Staff
Published: September 28, 2017